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Title Hyundai Motor diversifies marketing in Europe
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Hyundai Motor and its sister company Kia Motors have been implementing a range of tailored marketing activities in Europe to improve their brand value among consumers there.

The two carmakers have sponsored sporting events and provided financial and other assistance to museums and art galleries across the continent. They have also been actively involved in a series of high-profile international gatherings by providing vehicles for transporting guests and organizers.

On Sept. 6 and 7, Hyundai Motor sponsored the Eastern Economic Forum held in Vladivostok, Russia, offering 50 Starex minivans and 150 Genesis G80 sedans. About 3,000 high-ranking officials and businesspeople from nearly 60 countries took part in the gathering.

It was a great opportunity for the carmaker to showcase the Genesis brand among opinion leaders from across the world, according to company official, who said forum participants experienced firsthand the excellence of the Genesis.

In a bid to bring up its brand value, the carmaker has been spending substantial resources to sponsor contemporary art museums around the globe.

In 2014, it formed an 11-year partnership with the Tate Modern in London, the U.K.'s most prestigious art museum.

Through the partnership, Hyundai has been selecting and sponsoring a group of promising young artists each year, enabling them to exhibit their works at the museum for free.

The carmaker also extends financial support to the artists so they can engage their work without having to worry about money.

It has also signed a similar partnership with the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

In the Netherlands, it has since 2016 been supporting the Van Gogh Museum, which exhibits more than 700 paintings by Dutch artists. The sponsorship has made the museum add Korean language service to its multimedia guide, enabling about 25,000 Korean visitors each year to better understand art.

"Hyundai has been working hard to identify with European customers over the years. We cannot succeed in Europe if we carry out the same marketing and sales programs as in Korea and other markets," a company official said. "We need to know what Europeans value the most and what they care about. Then we can figure out ways to win their hearts and minds."

In Europe, Kia Motors has been focusing on sports marketing by capitalizing on its dynamic brand image.

The company has signed an agreement with the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) to sponsor the Europa League through 2021. The league kicks off in September and involves more than 200 professional football clubs from 50 European countries.

As an official sponsor, Kia has earned the right to implement a wide range of marketing activities for football fans around the world. The carmaker has been providing dozens of vehicles for official use, as well as sponsoring youth football clubs and UEFA's other social responsibility programs.
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