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Title Hyundai, Kia bolster CSR in Asia
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Hyundai Motor and its sister company Kia Motors have been implementing a range of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs in Asia to become a responsible and trusted corporate citizen there.

In the Philippines, the carmaker has completed the construction of water storage tanks and other facilities that turn rain into drinking water at an elementary school, in cooperation with Seoul National University researchers and engineers.

The village of Tandang Kutyo, about 70 kilometers from Manila where Rawang Elementary School is located, previously had no running water, leaving villagers vulnerable to a range of waterborne diseases.

"We are glad to be able to provide clean water to young students and residents," a company official said. "We will enable local civic groups to monitor water quality so villagers always have access to clean water. We will work to install such facilities in more rural towns in the Southeast Asian nation."

The official expected such CSR activity will significantly bolster Hyundai Motor's image in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian nations, stressing it will implement more community improvement programs.
The carmaker has also initiated a support program in Vietnam to help Vietnamese women who return from Korea after marrying Korean men settle with their children in the Southeast Asian nation. Those who are going to marry Korean men can also benefit from the assistance.

Early this year, it completed the construction of a support center in Ho Chi Minh City and provided the center with 200 million won ($180,000) to offer education and childcare services to Vietnamese women. The carmaker also plans to donate 400 million won more over the next two years.

"Hyundai is helping migrant wives who return home settle back in their home country. So we would like to enable them to find jobs and properly raise their children," the official said.

Meanwhile, Kia Motors has been building schools in rural villages of Nepal in cooperation with the Um Hong-gil Human Foundation since May 2016.

Um, a famous mountain climber who has climbed the 16 Himalayan slopes higher than 8,000 meters, set up the foundation in 2008.

He began the Human School Project to build 16 schools at remote places in Nepal, one for each of the peaks he climbed. So far, the foundation has built 12 schools.

"We really hope many Nepalese students receive proper education through this meaningful project," a company spokesman said. "We will continue to look for more opportunities in other Asian countries to support those in need."
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