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Title Hyundai Mobis to install Krell audio system in K7 Premier
Write admin Date 2019-07-01 Hit 153
Hyundai Mobis, an auto parts maker under Hyundai Motor Group, said Sunday it has partnered with US high-end home audio systems manufacturer Krell for Kia¡¯s K7 Premier.

The partnership is part of Hyundai Mobis¡¯ efforts to collaborate with technology-based companies on autonomous driving and connectivity, aimed at providing premium audio systems for in-vehicle infotainment, it added.

The company plans to further its partnership with Krell by deploying the audio systems in new vehicles that will hit the market in future.

Hyundai Mobis has installed 12 speakers and a 12-channel amp in Kia¡¯s K7 premier to create a deeper audio experience for passengers, the company said in a statement.

¡°We will lead the premium sound market for in-vehicle use (in partnership with) Krell, a leader in hi-fi audio,¡± said Chung Jeong-hwan, senior vice president of Hyundai Mobis.
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