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Title Kia reveals new K5 sedan exterior
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Kia Motors revealed the exterior of its new K5 midsize sedan, which will make its domestic debut next month.

The new K5 is 4,905 millimeters long and 1,860 millimeters wide, which is 5 centimeters longer and 2.5 centimeters wider than its predecessor. Also its overall height is 2 centimeters lower than the previous version, which Kia said provides a sportier look.

Kia Motors said the third-generation K5 is recognized by its bold presence thanks to a wider "tiger face" grille which was designed with a shark skin motif. Its bumper also shows a stronger look, with large air intake vents and multibeam LED headlamps.

At the rear, the new K5 comes with a shortened deck and longer hood line. Along with a dual-muffler garnish on its rear bumper, the sedan looks more dynamic than ever, according to Kia Motors.

Both headlamps and rear lamps incorporate graphics similar to vital signs, in order to highlight the vehicle's dynamism, the company said.

Kia Motors plans to release the new model's prices and further details later.
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