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We are specialized in supplying Auto Parts for Korean vehicles produced by Hyundai, KIA, GM Daewoo, Renault-Samsung and Ssangyong Motors.

We are a new venture established in 2005 by high quality professionals with 5 to 12 years of experience in this field.

We are supplying all different kinds of auto parts such as Engine, Brake, Body, Suspension, Electrical, Air-conditioning Parts and etc. All item classes from Genuine(Original), OEM and Replacement(NG, Rebuilt) are available with us.

However, Used Parts or Imitation(fake) parts are not in our business range.

You will soon come to know that our responses are fast and systematic, and our services are executed in professional ways.

Happy Business and Happy Life are with us. We are ready to share them with you. Just get it.

< Brief History >
Sep. 2005 Established
Dec. 2006 Sales reached USD 1 Mil
Oct.  2007 Warehouse established in Pajoo city
          Sales reached USD 3 Mil
Dec. 2009 Launched J&P brand
          Sales reached USD5 Mil
Dec. 2011 Head Office opened in ILSAN
          Sales reached USD 7 Mil
Apr. 2015 Moved Head Office to Haeiri in Pajoo city
Mar. 2017 Increased rage of J&P brand items to 12 item groups including
         Shock Absorber, Gasket, Control Arm and Alternator